Armor Plate Concrete Cleaner

Armor Plate Concrete Cleaner

Armor Plate Concrete Cleaner

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Armor Plate Concrete Cleaner is a unique water-based cleaner that removes rubber burn tire marks and heavy oils from concrete floors. This high active cleaner is fortified with alkaline builders, sequestrants, metal corrosion inhibitors, solubilizers and various detergents to insure rapid removal of grease and oil from the floorsââ‚?surface.

The most effective for cleaning concrete and other floors surfaces with concrete finishes, in removing heavy oil and grease soils, and resistant rubber tire marks from concrete, terrazzo, stone, tile, brick, marble, magnesite, conductive cement, ceramic tile, steel, sealed wood, painted and similar hard surfaces.


What does our concrete cleaner do?

  • Can remove rubber burn markings.
  • Able to replaces solvent products that are flammable and dangerous.
  • Includes water-soluble solvent properties.
  • Allows easy removal of petroleum oils and grease.
  • Added strength to aid in the removal of heavy foods, oils and greases.
  • Controlled foam application.
  • Automatic scrubbers and we-vacuum systems.

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