Vacuum Repairs & Servicing

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We are the authorised repairer and service provider of, 

















Services & Repairs are not limited to the listed brands above, but the types of machines, eg. canisters, pull along, backpacks, scrubbers, wet & dry, steam cleaners, carpet extractors, polishers etc. With 20+ years experiences, we are confident your machines are well looked after with us. Eastern Cleaning Supplies is also the regional warranty repair center of Electrolux's, managing major mass merchandisers.

Service/repair cost estimate

Onsite service & repair: $120 onsite fee + Labour cost $60 per hour + Parts (if any) + GST, Appointment & Melbourne only.

Instore Repair/service: Labour cost $15 per 15 minutes + Parts (if any)

1. The labour cost varies subject to the type of machine & parts required for the repair/service from $15 (domestic/commercial machines) or $60 (industrial). The spare parts are quoted separately subject to availability & budget. 

2. A min. of $15 (per machine) quotation fee will be applied to all repairs. It will be waivered if the repair is accepted. Please see the general guidance below.

- Domestic Machines & Machines valued less than $500 = $15 quotation fee;

- Commercial machines & machines valued at $500 and above =  $25 quotation fee.

- Business account customers & machines under current warranty are exempt.

How does the process work?

The unit is brought in/onsite w/appointment -> Assigned with a Reference Number -> Inspection/diagnostic testing -> Budget/Quotation -> Confirmation -> Repair/Service -> Finalised/Payment

The estimated turn-around time from 2-10 business days subject to the communications & part's availability. 

Regular repairs & services and service plan.

Having multiple of machines under your portfolio, needing extra savings on services & repairs? Please contact us and sign up a business account with us.

Other estimated costs   

Repair Job Cost Estimate
Basic Belt Changing $8 to $15
Basic Brush Replacing $25 to $45
Basic Cleaning $25 to $45
Electrolux Vacuum Repair $200 for large repairs such as replacing circuit board.
Hoover Vacuum Repair $35 to $65 with third-party
Pacvac/Pullman/BackPacks Vacuum Repair $150 for complete rebuild, according to reports.
Oreck Vacuum Repair Free to original owner via warranty. Others retailing for $60 to $200, depending on repair.
Rainbow Vacuum Repair $200 to $400 (older models) for complete rebuild.
Roomba Repair $50 to $100 for most repairs with Roomba. Replacing battery will cost more.
Weak Suction $20 to $65 to replace filter and clean internal components.