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Agar SKU: EU5
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Product Description

What is Eucadet?

With the fresh fragrance of eucalyptus oil, EUCADET is a detergent concentrate which can be used on any washable surface for easy cleaning.

Key Benefits

  • Anything that can be washed can be cleaned with EUCADET.
  • EUCADET cleans fast and completely.
  • EUCADET is low-alkaline and biodegradable.
  • EUCADET has a clean, fresh eucalyptus fragrance.

How Does It Work?

This highly active cleaner has a powerful, penetrating wetting action to wet the surface, emulsify soilage and disperse it. EUCADET is a rinse-free cleaner that does not re-deposit soil or leave visible films on shiny surfaces. It will not produce ?bloom? on floor polish films and is safe to use on aluminium and other sensitive materials.

For Use On:

EUCADET will remove food, grease and protein matter, cooking fats, smoke films, smears on glass, road dirt on cars and trucks and spillages and dirt from floors.

EUCADET will clean dishes, glass, utensils, paintwork, car duco, terrazzo, marble, stainless steel, floors, walls and all surfaces requiring a low-alkaline detergent.

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